Thank you for your interest in Daysong Daylilies. We are located in the southern part of West Tennessee in Fayette County, just east of Memphis. We currently have approximately 200 varieties of daylilies, most of which are now available for purchase. You can view photos of the daylilies we offer in several galleries that are sorted alphabetically.

It is possible that certain lilies may not be available at all times. We may also have lilies that have not been added to the galleries. At this time, we only sell lilies by the clump. Most clumps will contain at least 10 fans but some may have as many as 40 – 50 fans. If you check prices at most retailers who sell lilies, you will agree that our prices may be the best.

If you wish to purchase daylilies, please contact us to make an appointment to visit our garden to choose your lilies or to find out how to have your lilies shipped to you.